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Brest Implant: Different Types, Techniques, Cons & Pros

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Breast implant procedure is one of the surgical cosmetic procedures that uses different types of implants in order to breast enlargement. This procedure helps to regain lost breast volume after pregnancy or losing weight. It also provides the possibility of improving their shape and asymmetry. But using wrong technique or choosing an unsuitable implant type can cause failure in the surgery. Even in many cases due to surgery failure, there will be a need for changing the breast implant.

In case of using new generations of breast implant with proper quality, there will be no need to change them unless breast ptosis or sagging occur by time passing. In this case there will be a need for breast improvement.

Woman who are not satisfied with their breasts shape and size, can benefit from this procedure. Commonly after pregnancy or extreme weight loss, breasts will get a saggy shape. Breast implant helps to resolve problems such as breast asymmetry caused by growth problems or breast cancer surgeries.

In this procedure the surgeon uses saline or silicone implants. The implants will be placed underneath the chest muscles or underneath the breast mound and above the chest muscle. Before the surgery, surgeon will examine the patient’s conditions and breast tissue in order to determine the accurate and perfect place for the implant placement.

The point that you must consider is:

In a case that breasts are too saggy, breast lift surgery is recommended instead of breast implant procedure. Indeed operating both of these procedures at the same time is possible.

Preparations for breast implant surgery

Before the procedure (especially for woman over the age of 35) Mammography test is recommended.  By this test any changes (even future changes) in breast tissues will be detected.

Surgeon will ask any patients who smoke, to quit awhile before the surgery date. Taking medicines like Aspirin or any Anti-inflammatory drugs before the surgery is forbidden, because these kinds of drugs increase the possibility of bleeding during and after the surgery.

During the consultation sessions the doctor will examine patient’s condition and the breast tissues, also explains about the surgery process, recovery and the possibility of complications.

This procedure requires general anesthesia and the incisions are made in places such as underarm, breast areola and under the breast in order to decrease the possibility for scar.

Incisions are mainly made under the breast in order to minimize scar visibility. After making the incision the breast tissues will be separated from the muscle and connective tissues. A small pocket is made underneath the breast mound and above the chest muscle or underneath the chest muscle so that the implant can be placed in its best place.

In some cases, the minimally invasive surgery using microscope and small incision is done which benefits patients with less scar.


  • Because of the anesthesia and its effects, it’s better for you to have someone with you at the first day of the surgery.
  • Medicines prescribed by your surgeon must be taken on time.
  • Firmness, inflation and bruise after the surgery are totally normal and it takes 2 – 5 days to heal.
  • The bandages will be taken off after a few days.

Since bleeding is possible in the very first days, any strenuous activity is forbidden for up to 4 to 6 weeks.  The Post-surgery chronic pain will go away after a few days. Many patients will go back to work and be able to do the strenuous activities they’d normally do.

After the surgery breast tissue will change due to factors such as aging, weight changes, gravity and hormonal factors. Changes in breasts shape and size are possible so the result of the surgery is long lasting but not for ever.

Breast implant and breastfeeding

Woman who are in fertility ages and want to get pregnant must consider that breast implant can effect breastfeeding. Still mothers can breastfeed their child after the surgery. Make sure to consult with your surgeon about this.

Sleeping after breast augmentation

It is important to sleep on your back and use some pillows to elevate your upper body, this helps to keep the breasts in a more normal position. Getting enough rest is very important for recovery. There are some tips for sleeping after breast enhancement surgery:

  • Avoid sleeping on your stomach during the first few weeks
  • Use positioning pillows to keep your body positioned correctly
  • Wear a sport bras to reduce the pressure on your breast stiches
  • In case of having pain in your stomach call your doctor

The lifespan of breast implant

Breast implant’s lifespan does not depend just on the implant itself. Naturally breast tissues will change by time passing. The most important factors in breast tissue changings are periods, pregnancy and menopause.

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